Areas of Expertise

Our personnel have expertise in

  • Software development for Operational Flight Program software for aircraft mission computers, mission system control display units, and tactical data communications systems integration
  • Scalable, modular systems design
  • Collaborative software applications for deployment across differing aircraft platforms
  • Open architecure software and systems comprising real time, large scale databases; visualization; and sensor command and control
  • Content-based publish/subscribe middleware technologies in the context of distributed real-time systems
  • Modular software frameworks for sensor command and control to facilitate seamless integration of new technologies into a distributed, real-time system
  • GIS situational awareness displays for understanding, analyzing, and reacting to sensor data
  • Linux kernel software and analog to digital video capture device driver development
  • Worldwide analog and digital video standards
  • Electro-Optic and Infrared sensor systems
  • RADAR, IFF, and ESM sensor report processing and tracking algorithms applicable to DoD C4ISR and NTISR systems and missions
  • Military communications and networking systems:
    • datalinks (Link-16, Link-11, and CDL)
    • MIL-STD-1553B
    • military satellite communications
    • secure tactical voice and serial data communications
    • secure tactical wireless networks
  • All phases of the DoD acquisition cycle, from analysis of alternatives to engineering development to deployment and sustainment

SilverBlock Systems technical personnel have flight experience as project specialists in both rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. Our employees’ products are currently used in US Navy fielded and experimental systems.

Our experience in Naval Aviation systems engineering, development, and test, allow us to work with operational mission subject matter experts to develop the technical solutions which provide real gains in mission effectiveness in an operational context.

defense image

MH-53E Sea Dragon